Welcome to Blood Legacy,a V:TM saga I started in 1994 and have run for almost 20 years now. :) I’m in the process of setting things up here in Obsidian Portal so pardon our dust while we do some building.

The Adventure Log has the Master Timeline, the ongoing sequence of events compiled from every Vampire troupe I’ve run for since I was 19; I’m in the process of linking significant characters and events for ease of reference via hyperlink. (….this may take a while).

Presently, the storyline is focused in Victorian age New Orleans and my operating troupe is a husband and wife team – Matt and Tash – who are contributing to the Master Timeline via their characters, Julian and Evelyn. The Timeline is updated in that segment every week to show their latest actions in the grand scheme of things. The plan is to take them up into the Final Nights and possible assemble one last troupe so I can finish this saga in time for its 20th anniversary.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope it’s an amusing distraction! :)

Blood Legacy