Alexi de Moreauva

7th Generation Toreador Elder, Grand Conductor the Daughters of Cacophony


Tall for his time period, Alexi looked to be no more than twenty when he was Embraced. Smooth skinned, beardless, with cunning green eyes and a mane of reddish-gold hair, Alexi was taken as much for his beauty as for the wealth of his family’s lands. He dresses at the height of elegance in the most expensive finery available in any given era, and his youthful features hide the frosty heart of a creature that exalts in being a vampire.


Alexi wasted no time in turning on his Sire,Saela Dureigeine. He didn’t even understand what the crime of Diablerie was, neonate as he had been when he sank his teeth into her neck, but form followed instinct. Alexi stole her power and dehumanized himself in the process.

Saela had fed Alexi his family one by one in an effort to chase away lingering humanitas, but Alexi had manage to destroy her before his twin brother was killed. Embracing him backfired, however, as the religious Ashur simply went mad. Overcome by the damnation he had thrust upon his brother, Alexi staked him and walled him up in a stairwell of the keep, lacking the nerve to destroy him.

Time wore on and Alexi became brutal and self absorbed. He supported the Anarch Revolt and sneered at the nascent Camarilla. He refused to leave his lands, however – or his centuries entombed brother – but supported efforts against the Camarilla with his own finances.

Eventually, this took its toll. A rival named Durghess Vaughn was ascendant in neighboring territories, and the two vampires clashed frequently. Seeing the tide turn against him, Alexi forcibly Embraced Phillipe and Antoinette – two commoners from his domain. Phillipe’s artistic skills were meant to increase his status with the Toreador, while Antoinette’s family’s riches secured her place in eternity.

Phillipe and Antoinette, however, bore the curse of the demon in their blood and rebelled against their Sire in turn. So unfolded the early saga of the de Moreauva bloodline…

STORYTELLER NOTES: Alexi is one of my favorite NPCs. Sculpted to be reminiscent of Lestat (without directly ripping him off), he was meant to be a counterpoint to the player characters’ humanity struggles. If they were becoming too human, he would appear and castigate them. If they became too monstrous, he would rethink himself and attempt to improve his own humanity. Eventually, I killed off Alexi to allow the player characters to navigate the Humanity struggle in the story in their own fashion without a sounding board save for each other.

Recently, an opportunity came to use Alexi in a historical context. Two new players stepped in to become de Moreauvas, in 1860s New Orleans, no less. This allowed me to dusty Alexi off and use him again in a manner similar to old. At first I was worried that I couldn’t really run him anymore; I had killed him off in 1997 (real world time) and left him at that. It was 2013 after all; I wasn’t that person, that Storyteller, or whatever anymore. Still, I slipped into Alexi’s vicious elegance again like putting on an old shoe. We’ll just have to see where Alexi goes with these fresh neonates…

Alexi de Moreauva

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