Saela Dureigeine

7th Generation Toreador Infernalist and Sire of the modern de Moreauva bloodline.


A bent old woman dressed in stolen silks, her fangs were permanently bared and she had a habit of chuckling under her breath. She seldom met people eye to eye, but had a desperate look to her when she did so.


Saela was the most beautiful girl in her village, sought after by many but accepting the attentions of few. Her father arranged for her to be married away to a less than kind suitor in hopes of securing the large dowry the groom-to-be offered, but Saela was swept away by a stranger in the darkness before her wedding took place.

This was no savior. The vampire in question, Fauschalt, tortured her constantly and slaughtered many an innocent to break her mind. Although he succeeded, over time, in destroying Saela’s humanity, he also created in her a fiery spirit that could not be contained. Allowed to age into a hag without the immortality of ghouldom, Saela was finally Embraced as a final insult on behalf of Fauschalt before he abandoned her decades after he abducted her.

Now a sadist but lost in the world of darkness, Saela pacted with a demon named Balhain in hopes of gaining enough power to survive on her own in the savage reaches of vampire society. Feeling nothing but contempt for vampirism and fearing the progeny she would one day create, she pledged all descendents of her bloodline to the ownership of Balhain. Any vampire she made would have their soul bound to the demon through the cursed blood in her veins; upon death, their souls would be his property. Saela had hoped to control her childer with such fears, but it was not to be.

She came across Alexi de Moreauva and his family, a noble bloodline in 1198 France. Her intent was to Embrace him and exploit his family’s stance and wealth. Instead, Alexi turned on his Sire almost immediately and diabolized her. What Saela set in motion, however, would not be so easily stopped…

Saela Dureigeine

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