Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy
Warm nights, cold bodies.

((What follows below is a chronicle history that was begun in the Fall of 1994 – in real time. I’ve kept a running log of every vampire story I’ve run in nearly 20 years, linking it all together into one long, complicated saga that continues to unfold to this night. It began when V:TM Second Edition was still hot off the press, through Vampire Revised, and into the modern nights, where I run the game from that gorgeous, black leather bound ubertome published for the game’s 20th anniversary.

It had started with a collection of loose notes, barely two pages long, that the outgoing Storyteller before me had compiled. He’d run all of two weeks and decided to quit, for reasons of his own. The group put me forward to take over, but the notes were merely about OOC interactions, not about IC interactions. (A little creepy, when you think about it…) I took what fragments were available and started the saga in the same year I began it in the real world – 1994.

Over time, however, as I expanded my saga to other players in other troupes, more and more of history itself became our playground. The Timeline itself begins in 1497 AD, with chronicles run out of sequence with the chronology neatly placed where they needed to go to keep everything running smoothly. More and more and more, this Master Timeline grew from a few pages of notes into the titan that lies before you now.

Some story events show the bias of the edition they were run for. For example, the Toreador Aaron, in the 1990s, has a romance with a Werewolf. This is because the player had purchased “Supernatural Spouse” from the 1st Ed Toreador Clanbook. Trite is it might be in modern standards, the player did outstandingly with that plotline. Rather that retcon those events to fit with Revised and its continuity, I decided to keep them in the saga. Anywhere a player’s contributions to the story were at odds over the canonical nature of any given edition, the player’s contributions won out. I wouldn’t insult a player’s hard work in all of this by cutting their story arcs out to fit setting tweaks printed by the company.

2014 is the 20th anniversary of this entire thing started off, and I’ve resolved that I want to finish the Timeline completely in the Fall of that year. The Final Nights have begun and I want to give this bloated history a good sendoff. I may yet put together a farewell troupe to iron out the last events of the storyline. Who knows. Maybe you’ll be part of the grand finale…

For the Timeline itself: An event marked (npc) is setting detail/specific events that set the stage for the story arcs that followed. Most entries in the Timeline encompass anywhere from 1 to 4 sessions of actual game play. Many of these I had to keep condensed, because ink and paper were expensive for a college student back in the 90s (and a bachelor from that time on). Thanks to the Internet, Facebook (prior home of this Timeline and the most recent troupe to contribute) and now Obsidian Portal, I’ve had an opportunity to expand greatly on the details of some stories. Notably, the storylines starting in 1865 New Orleans and 2011 Phoenix, AZ. Presently, I’m running a three person troupe – myself, and a husband/wife duet – as they navigate Victorian Age New Orleans.

Here’s hoping, on behalf of myself and the more than 30 players over nearly 20 years who have contributed to the saga, that we entertain you with what follows at least a little bit. Enjoy the show….!))

1198 AD

Toreador infernalist Saela Dureigeine forcibly Embraces a young nobleman named Alexi De Moreauva in an attempt to gain control of his family’s wealth and land. After suffering Dureigeine’s torments over time, Alexi plots the Toreador elder’s death and manages to diabolize her. Alexi attempts to Embrace the only survivor of his once broad family tree, his brother Asher, but Asher’s mind snaps from the experience. Alexi stakes his own brother and walls him up, finding no will to kill him. Convinced his guilt is his enemy, he sets out to desensitize himself to his own conscience by becoming a darkness upon the land that nearly shamed Dureigeine herself. (npc)

1402 AD

A growing political rivalry between the domains of Alexi De Moreauva and a Ventrue Elder named Durghess Vaughn escalates into sabotage and economic warfare. Alexi finds himself disagreeing with Vaughn’s strict interpretation of the traditions versus Alexi’s more casual approach to their enforcement. Vaughn believes Alexi is a threat to the Masquerade and Alexi believes Vaughn is a power hungry land grabber manipulating politics to get his way. Tensions continue to escalate between the two domains over the course of the next near century. (npc)

1492 AD

Durghess Vaughn joins the Camarilla and immediately subverts local adherents to his purposes, guiding them against Alexi’s domain. Both sides employ mercenaries, subservient vampires and political maneuvering to one up each other over the next five years, but with no significant gains. Vaughn starts to attack Alexi’s serfs and peasantry to wear down his material power, a tactic that eventually force Alexi’s hand to drastic measures. (npc)

1497 AD

- Alexi locates two mortals for whom he has made desperate plans. A lesser noble named Antoinette and a courtier named Phillipe come to his attention and he Embraces them both against their will; the former to fill his depleted coffers and the latter to act as a lesser agent of his will.

- Following an attack on a local Werewolf caern, Shadow Lord Kinfolk Gideon Cartier is run down and Embraced by an anonymous Gangrel. The fledgling Gideon is captured by Alexi’s roaming minions and brought before him as a plaything. Auric, Gideon’s full blooded Shadow Lord brother, begins the hunt to rescue him.

- Alexi tutors his fledglings into service under his name and goads Gideon into acting as their protector. He uses them to terrorize the countryside and bring noncompliant subjects into line, giving them a limited range of movement within his domain.

- Antoinette, Gideon and Phillipe are befriended by a mysterious wandering
Mummy, Olm Ilmahn-Tehp, who helps them break Alexi’s blood bond and turn on their twisted Sire, provided they agree to perform certain services for him in the future. They betray Alexi to Vaughn, and a grand battle ensues at Alexi’s keep. Alexi apparently dies at the hand of Gideon Cartier, who cuts him down off his horse with a powerful stroke of his blade. During the battle, Gideon watches Vaughn murder his older brother, Auric. He swears a death feud against Durghess Vaughn.

- Antoinette joins the Camarilla as a member of Vaughn’s court in reward for her actions in betraying Alexi.. Gideon flees into the woods and begins a campaign of terror against Vaughn’s forces that lasts many years. Phillipe, disillusioned by the political maneuvering he witnessed and drunk on his mounting power, secretly leaves in search of the Sabbat.

1499 AD

- Phillipe, having been tutored in certain dark arts involving blood manipulation, paints a picture of himself that he arranges to be given to Antoinette. His sympathetic link with the portrait allows him a limited surveillance of Antoinette’s doings.

- Phillipe is startled when Alexi reappears to him in the ranks of the Sabbat. Alexi reveals that he anticipated his defeat as the battle turned against him, and unstaked his own twin to ride out and die in his place while he escaped the battle in simple footman’s armor. Finding the Camarilla unconditionally flawed, Alexi had sought out the Sabbat, where he rose in the ranks parallel to his childe. The two of them, working together, begin a voracious hunt for occult knowledge to pursue a secretive end, establishing themselves in a church ruin known as Richilieu Cathedral. They favor assaulting Tremere and plundering them for knowledge.

1500 AD

Antoinette is appointed a representative of Vaughn’s court and sent to London, England to officiate his business there.

1520 AD

Antoinette returns to France with Vaughn’s blessing. She runs across a homeless girl named Marie and pities her. She ghouls Marie and pampers the girl to make up for the hard life she’s known.

1535 AD

Gideon meets a self professed Tremere renegade calling himself Silverblade. Gideon helps clear Silverblade’s name with the Tremere clan and the two together topple the rule of a Ventrue prince named Travalatha – a childe of Durghess Vaughn. The two vampires become staunch allies.

1551 AD

- The Mummy calls his favors due, and asks Gideon, Antoinette and Phillipe to set
aside their differences to protect a unique young woman named Sarah from the clutches of the Tremere. They are pitted against an infernalist human mage who has designs on this chosen Daughter of Eve. Tragically, the girl is slain by the Nephandus mage, and the three greet this failure with the slaughter of the mage and all of his servants before parting ways once more.

- Gideon hunts down the knightly Autralis, a favored minion and childe of Durghess Vaughn, and diabolizes him after an intense duel.

- Antoinette and Phillipe are imprisoned by Durghess Vaughn for disappearing on the Mummy’s errand without his consent. Phillipe is staked and walled up in Antoinette’s keep, with Vaughn unaware of the younger’s place in the Sabbat.

1575 AD

- Gideon Cartier saves a young neonate named Lisette from vampire hunters, earning the admiration and respect of the proper young woman. The two grow very close – beauty and the beast – though Gideon does not recognize her unusual bloodline or its power in music.

- Alexi is forced into visions of his own guilt by a powerful Tremere rival seeking to punish him for his transgressions against the House and Clan. Alexi’s tormented humanity boils up to the surface and in a fit of conscience he renounces himself and the Sabbat. He successfully escapes the Tremere’s hunters and embarks on a quest for personal

redemption. (npc)

1591 AD

Alexi crosses paths with Gideon as the two hunt for the missing Lisette. Alexi reveals

that he broke ranks with the Sabbat and is avidly pursuing Golconda. He informs Gideon that the purpose of the occult research plundered by himself and Phillipe was aimed at fathering an exclusive bloodline for the Sabbat to employ against the hated Camarilla, a bloodline that would be a homage to Toreador philosophy will being an able weapon for the Sabbat. This bloodline – the Daughters of Cacophony – had few members, but it included at least one member Gideon knew personally: Lisette. Though reluctant to trust Alexi at first, Alexi and Gideon team up to liberate Lisette from vampire slavers who were collecting young vampires to secret away to Camarilla elders as an alternate food source. Gideon rescues Lisette, but Alexi is doused in gas and lit afire, and falls overboard into the ocean. Lisette, having demonstrated considerable power in the discipline of Fortitude, observes that it’s not likely to have been Alexi’s end, but that they were powerless to help him further.

1601 AD

Vaughn lifts Antoinette and Phillipe’s imprisonment, drafting Antoinette back into his court. Antoinette attempts to reform Phillipe’s violent psyche but he flees into the darkness, eluding her best efforts at tracking him.

1616 AD

Antoinette becomes embroiled in events surrounding William Shakespeare and a
court of Seelie changelings – as well as two factions of bickering Toreador: One wants the Bard killed, the other wants him Embraced. Antoinette juggles the factions
against each other, allowing Shakespeare to retain his humanity and his freedom. In respect for her actions (and oblivious to her vampire nature), Shakespeare gives Antoinette a handwritten copy of his plays – which Antoinette uses to snub Raphael de
Corazon at a Toreador social. Payback’s a bitch!

1627 AD

Charles Ashe is Embraced in London, England by Toreador elder Christine, a descendant of Dureigeine. Dureigeine’s mad childer and Christine’s sire, Fauschalt, succeeds in killing Christine and maiming Charles as he his Embraced, resulting in a long scar and a dead eye. Charles is given to Antoinette as a ward, though his connection to her dark family tree becomes a secret she is not privy to.

1630 AD

Durghess Vaughn finally meets Gideon in an epic battle to the finish in a Spanish cemetery. The battle leaves many broken headstones and peripheral damage but it’s long supposed that the vampires killed each other.

1642 AD

- A fledgling Toreador appears at Antoinette’s home in London and claims to be Phillipe’s childer, a gift he intended to smooth things over between them. Antoinette reluctantly accepts the childe under the Tradition of Accounting. Gabriel and Charles become close, if sometimes uneasy friends.

1701 AD

- Finding herself free of Vaughn’s dominion and eager to make a new unlife for herself, Antoinette leads her brood across the ocean to the city of New Orleans, where they open a theater together.

- Antoinette is stalked by a Bone Gnawer werewolf as she goes about her evening rounds, and is eventually confronted by the werewolf in Lafayette Cemetery. Antoinette guts the werewolf but starts a short lived war between the two supernatural communities. The war is short but costly.

- Gideon appears to Antoinette in New Orleans and confirmed that Durghess Vaughn is dead. Their reunion is cut short as Phillipe’s pack abducts them and brings them to a temporary haven in the swamp. Phillipe tells them that he’s shadowed them since the Old World and was waiting for an opportunity to strike, using his portrait and Gabriel as methods of espionage. Though the two vampires are subject to torture, Gideon frenzies and breaks his bonds, slaughtering the pack but staying his hand against Phillipe at Antoinette’s insistence. Antoinette stakes Phillipe personally and sends Gabriel to inter him once more in her keep in France, where he had already spent so many years imprisoned before.

1702 AD

After some time in each other’s company, Lisette embraces Marie as a Daughter of Cacophony with Antoinette’s apparent blessing. Gideon has no opinion of the act overtly but looks darkly on the creation of more of their kind.

1725 AD

Alexi appears in New Orleans once word of his childer’s actions there reach him. He urges them to lay down their acceptance of vampire life and pursue Golconda with him. The vampires are skeptical of this very different version of their sire, but house him for the time being.

1727 AD

Alexi’s study about humanity and Golconda takes a dark turn when he and Antoinette make a wager about creativity and imaginative spark in the wake of an Embrace. Alexi wagers that a vampire who is not blood bonded can experience greater creativity than one experiencing a full bond. Antoinette embraces a singer and bonds her completely while Alexi embraces a musician and leaves him unbonded – the violinist Julian Isaacson. Alexi’s childer – Ophelia, Alsatia and Claudette – build a close relationship with Julian over the years while Danika – fully bonded to Alexi – settled for cold and cruel regards instead.

1768 AD

After having bragged about New Orleans to his childer for so long, the youngest daughters demand to be shown its marvels. Feeling indulgent, Alexi takes them, but leaves Danika in charge of his affairs. The Society of Leopold is tipped off by an unknown rival and attacks their plantation. Danika is killed and the mansion destroyed, but Julian escapes. Upon his return, Alexi finds himself vicious and mournful in turns, and sets up a new residents for his surviving children in the French Quarter.

1783 AD

After a lifetime chafing under Alexi’s possessiveness, Julian slips free of Alexi’s influence and begins his own travels in the Americas. With Alsatia, Claudette and Ophelia having taken their own leave of him over the years, Alexi finds himself alone again and bitterly returns to a study of Golconda – a study that’s flagged as he’s indulged these vampiric whims.

1788 AD

- A Nagaraja is discovered operating in city limits, feeding from the Toreador
circle’s favorite kine – violently. They seek him out and destroy him, but an
accident during the fight starts a fire – a very, very bad fire. Eighty percent
of New Orleans is destroyed in the blaze. Antoinette, Charles, Alexi and Gabriel dodge
rampaging Garou and escape the firestorm via the sea. Gideon evades the rampage and sets out on his own once more.

- Silverblade sends for Gideon to meet him at a Tremere chantry in Baton Rouge. Gideon helps Silverblade tame unrest in the Tremere chantry and root out a traitor suspected of infernal dealings. The two face down a voodoo cult seeking revenge for New Orleans by hunting vampires.

- Lasombra pirate Enrico de Estoban encounters the vampires fleeing New Orleans and grants them sanctuary, but Antoinette devours him in a fit of hunger, losing a significant portion of her humanity in the process. They are taken to a pirate stronghold off the coast of Florida, a small island with a huge cave that hides the pirate operation. Antoinette personally assumes control there and renames it Blood Cove, starting a career of piracy. The Toreador circle builds a lavish, ornate mansion on the island itself, hollowing out a passage to the caves below.

- Using a network of contacts and her own power of deduction, Antoinette is able to target key Ventrue shipping lines to the New World. Her ship, the Ebon Whore, terrorizes the seas for years.

1794 AD

A demonic force attacks Antoinette, who barely survives the assault. Knowing it’s time to come clean, Alexi reveals a secret he’s held for centuries: He and his entire bloodline were promised to a demon through an infernal pact with his Sire, Dureigeine, who bargained away all such future souls connected to her vampiric blood for temporal power. It was this reason that propelled Phillipe and Alexi to voraciously study blood magic, believing that by changing the properties of their blood, they could circumvent their bloodlines from the deal – to no avail. The vampires return to France to awaken Phillipe, the resident expert on infernalism. Antoinette refuses to go, and is staked in turn by Alexi. She spends the cruise in torpor while Alexi uses his power to fake her authority on the way back.

-Charles expresses his want to leave the brood and start a new life elsewhere.
Before going to France, Alexi dominates him into forgetting the location of Blood Cove, as well as Alexi’s existence in his life up to that point. Charles arrives in Boston a few weeks later and renews his life.

- While traveling through Greece, Silverblade is killed by Tremere Infernalist, Valerius Maior, who is allied with the demon that enslaves the DeMoreauva line. Gideon focuses his rage on Maior, who escapes.

- The Toreador execute a coup to destroy a Ventrue fop who used his own piratical
Minions against their shipping lines. Aided by a Giovanni representative, they destroy him and she enslaves his soul.

- Balhain, the demon who enslaved the De Moreauves through Dureigeine centuries
before, kidnaps Phillipe and tortures him in a surreal dream Hell, out of the reach
of his friends.

1796 AD

Having failed to fully tap Phillipe’s knowledge, The Toreador Circle returns to DeMoreauva Estate on Blood Cove. Alexi uses his advanced telepathic power to coordinate the Daughters on a new purpose. He focuses them on Golconda lore and Infernalist lore, as they are also damned by Dureigeine’s bargain. The Toreador circle become his right hand in charge of the bloodline’s pursuit of knowledge.

1825 AD

After decades of plundering the high seas and seeking a way to escape the
demon, things change for the worse. Gabriel murders a retainer in cold blood and is banished from Blood Cove. Antoinette blames herself for his failure and returns to her homelands in France to recollect herself. She tries to rebuild her family keep.

- Banished in disgrace, Gabriel returns to New Orleans to start a new life. Lost without the circle, he begins his own quest for Golconda.

- Gabriel meets the Brujah Prince of New Orleans, “Brock the Croc,” who honors an old debt and directs him to a childer of Gideon’s late friend, Silverblade. The Tremere, Lord Du Chaigne, has pronounced experience with demonology and sorcery, and cooperates with the DeMoreauva bloodline to face off with the demon once and for all. Gideon also assists them. They are able to channel the demon into a weaker physical form, making it weak enough to be destroyed; the final battle, however, is both violent and costly. In the end, the demon is destroyed and their souls liberated from its Hellish grasp. Gideon returns to his lonely wandering with Lisette, the Toreador return to the island, and Gabriel stays in New Orleans.

1831 AD

- Weary after many centuries, Antoinette seeks rest in torpor.

- Alexi sets off on a globe trotting quest to seek lore about Golconda, occasionally touching base with the circle with his telepathic ability.

Part Four: Dreams of Blood and Darkness

1856 AD

Antoinette awakens from Torpor. Upon her waking she takes a liking to a human named Marcus, who agrees to be Embraced into a life alongside her. Together the two of them tour the world and see its nocturnal wonders.

1865 AD

- Julian, having returned to New Orleans with Alsatia and taken control of a large plantation, finds a fascinating mortal woman named Evelyn Shaw plumbing for his secrets during a grand party. Evelyn is strong willed and borderline fearless, harboring secrets of her own. She makes a sugar coated rival in Alsatia and enamors Julian almost instantly… - Julian and Evelyn attend a séance at the famous LaLaurie mansion, and encounter a violent ghost event that kills two of their number and leaves them fleeing the mansion. Julian attempts to seduce Evelyn in the aftermath and fails. Evelyn continues to pursue secret information on Julian for her mysterious patron.

- The following day, Evelyn continues her investigation into Julian’s background on behalf of an unrevealed patron. She consults her local contacts for information upon him and upon the ghosts of the LaLaurie mansion, finding wisdom in a German-born priest and a voodoo priestess from Barbados. However, while attending Julian in the evening to the theater and later his home, she makes the discovery of a body in Julian’s wine cellar. In order to preserve the masquerade, Julian Embraces her in a wild fit of passion. The newly Toreador Evelyn wastes no time in a frenzy that tears the throat out of a young prisoner brought for her to feed upon…

- Four days on from her Embrace, Evelyn is still adjusting to Vampiric life when she’s cornered on the waterfront by a her German priest contact, Father Radamachen. Radamachen, who was well versed in the supernatural, does not suspect her to be a vampire, but worries aloud about rumor and circumstance surrounding Julian. He talks of vampire hunter friends of his that will be attacking Julian soon and gives her a bag of pop-culture vampire remedies that will not work. Conflicted, Evelyn cannot bring herself to kill him, but comes very close. She is then presented to the Prince, Brock the Croc, who is amenable to her, but Bariss de la Coer – a Nosferatu with ambitions of grandeur – is very disappointed at her Embrace and promises to make her suffer for it…

- While planning their evening’s venture, Evelyn and Julian are surprised by no less than Alexi de Moreauva himself. Having felt Evelyn’s Embrace, Alexi appeared to rest her resolve. After running her through a crucible of moral choices, Alexi judges her a worthy (and fascinating) addition to the bloodline. Evelyn reluctantly kills the prisoner Alexi tormented her with. He signs off on his approval and takes his leave, leaving a battered human corpse in his wake.

- Evelyn has a violent dream sequence during her daytime slumber about the brutal murder and burning of a slave boy and his family in a small bayou church. This causes Evelyn to frenzy, but she is subdued by Julian.

-Alexi de Moreauva taunts Evelyn and Julian telepathically as they navigate their problems with Father Radamachen. He tells them that if they appease his need for entertainment, he’ll spare Madam Dubois, whom he has abducted while they were distracted.

-Julian and Evelyn arrange to meet the priest at Evelyn’s flat. Evelyn charmed Father Radamachen with a combination of her seductive wiles and physical abilities, plying secret information from the Priest before she and Julian defile and kill him. Julian and Evelyn move to see Broc the Croc to report the movement of vampire hunters in the city, and Broc agrees to take care of the vampire hunters using his own resources if the Toreador side with him against mutual political opponent, the Ventrue Hawthorne. During this meeting, Evelyn learns that Bariss de le Coer managed to politically maneuver Broc into granting the right of Progeny to him – a right he uses against her close friend and professional contact, Jean Pierre Rosseau. Jean Pierre is tormented by his Embrace and voices his grief against God and Evelyn, who will remain forever beautiful while he festers for eternity. Evelyn manages to rescue Madame Dubois from Alexi’s whimsical abduction unharmed.

- The following daytime, Evelyn once again has a vivid dream about the death of the same slave boy but in greater detail. She frenzies once more, and Julian again subdues her.

-Wanting to feed, Evelyn choose to hunt at a French Quarter brothel, where she seduces and exploits two men. The child from her visions appears, but clearly as a reanimated corpse, burned and moist with swap water. The child, calling himself Emmanuel, slaughters both of the men she had just service and fed from, calling them complicit in the murder of himself and his family. Julian is immediately repulsed by the twisted creature.

- Alexi arrives from his secret monitor of the situation and makes a generous offer, having once again monitored his children from afar. He offers to clean up their mess in exchange for the embrace of Madame Dubois; he urges them to release Dubois to him and relieve themselves of further concern for her. Evelyn and Julian refuse and Alexi departs without lifting a finger to help them the savage scene. Emmanuel hints that things are not as they seem with Alexi and stays close to the side of the “Pretty Lady.” Evelyn agrees to help Emmanuel hunt and kill his murderers. To foster damage control, Julian ghouls the madame of the brothel, bringing it under his control. Julian and Evelyn dismember the bodies and dispose of them in the Missouri River.

- Eveleyn follows Emmanuel to the precinct house of a local constabulary, where one of the murderers has turned himself in. Overcome with remorse, he has disclosed his activities and is preparing to out the rest of the conspiracy to the police. Emmanuel, however, is not satisfied and decides to kill him anyway, along with the two police witnesses. Evelyn’s soul chills from her inaction and humanity slips further away.

- They follow this misadventure with a final stop a prominent Judge’s house. Evelyn persuades Emmanuel not to kill the two young children, but the burned corpse takes his vengeance on the Judge and his wife, who masterminded the murderous event (and had planned more of the same). They take Emmanuel to the swamps where he bids goodbye to Evelyn and, having discharged the means of his vengeance, he slips under the swamp waters to his final rest.
– The following evening, Julian and Evelyn have visions of another time and place. They relive the moments before Alexi’s other children, Phillipe and Antoinette, are Embraced many centuries ago. Alsatia witnesses the violent dialberie of Lasombra Captain Enrico de Estoban at the hands of Antoinette during the first Great Fire of New Orleans. They puzzle over this until a shocked and disturbed Alexi appears and questions them about the event. Julian’s practice with telepathy seems to be the culprit but the memories are too precise and too revealing to be random thoughts…

- Prince Broc (The Croc) visits shortly after and makes arrangements with the younger de Moreauvas to appoint a proper Primogen council to the city. While doing so, Broc learns that Alexi is in town and grows very nervous. They agree to join forces against the cunning influence of the Ventrue, Lord Hawthorne, but also agree that Alexi’s presence may have a destabilizing effect on their efforts.

- Evelyn ghouls her longtime mentor and friend, Madame Dubois, whom Alexi has been courting on the side. As this occurs, a maid alerts Julian and Evelyn that a young servant girl named Marie is missing. Concerned, Julian and Evelyn follow the breadcrumbs of the disappearance into the French Quarter, where they are propositioned by a businesslike midget calling himself Jack O’Trades. Julian plucks images and events out of Jack’s mind, leading he and Evelyn to the docks – where human salve trafficking and stolen art are hidden on a nearby ship. While they confront the slavers and rescue a battered and broken Marie, the ship pulls out of the harbor and when oil hits the deck above them, they realize it was a trap. They overcome the human crew and kill Jack O’Trades, only to steer the boat back to the harbor and release most of the slaves. Julian’s momentary intent to enslave them again for his own means costs him a vital amount of his lingering humanity.

- Evelyn’s former tailor and now Bariss’ vengeful Embrace, Jean Pierre Rousseu (now calling himself Mister Schatin) appears outside the mansion and offers a truce to the two Toreador, citing that he has fled his master and needs to bolster his own influence to survive. Though disgusted, Julian agrees to the terms and they settle on a method of operation against Hawthorne and Bariss.

- The next evening, Julian and Evelyn are invited to a private dinner with Lord Hawthorne, until now a significant rival for their interest in the city. Hawthorne offers to side with them and defeat a motion that Bariss is going to table to have Mister Schatin blood hunted by the Prince. In return, they agree to support him politically as he prepares to make a play for the Princehood. The de Moreauvas decline.

- Concerned for Mister Schatin, Evelyn leads a message for the Nosferatu to meet them. Together, the three meet in the Isaacson estate and discuss their political options. Julian and Evelyn reluctantly contact Alexi de Moreauva and seek his counsel. He informs them that his participation has a price. Evelyn eventually agrees to give Madame Dubois over to Alexi in exchange for his help in saving Mister Schatin. Alexi gives them ideas of how to counter Hawthorne at the first Primogen meeting due to occur in a few decades.

- At the Primogen council, after the posts are officially named and filled, Julian and Evelyn make their political play to stop the blood hunt that Bariss calls for. They are able to call into doubt the integrity of both sides – Hawthorne and Bariss – prompting the Prince to delay any such announcement until the situation can be researched further. Bariss and Hawthorne leave in disgust while the Prince warns them of the political realities of their situation: If he’s backed into a corner, there’s nothing he can do but order the Blood Hunt. Back at the estate, the de Moreauvas begin to hatch their plans to expose Hawthorne’s illicit childe, Lucinde, the one claim they were able to use to sway credibility away from Hawthorne at the Primogen meeting.

- The following evening, Julian and Evelyn meet with Charles and Broc alike, desperately trying to contact Lucinde so that they might offer her sanctuary from the suspected vengeance of her sire, Hawthorne. They spend tremendous coin and time scouring New Orleans, eventually meeting up with a mysterious Samedi who offers to serve Evelyn’s interests in the La Laurie house in exchange for her help promoting the voodoo religion amongst the people of New Orleans. Given a choice between harshly evicting the ghosts of the mansion and entreating them compassionately, Evelyn chooses compassion, dismaying Julian’s more predatory senses. The Watcher, as he calls himself, agrees to help Evelyn in two nights time.

- On the waterfront, they discover clues relating them to a run-down inn and an occupant named Roget. Roget, tracker of ships that come and go in the harbor for Scepter Shipping, Incorporated, is easy prey for Evelyn. Julian and Evelyn find a flimsy clue that may yet be the break they’re waiting for to contact Lucinde and arrange a clandestine meeting with Lucinde in Lafayette Cemetery.

- The Toreador have difficulty appeasing Hawthorne’s wayward childe, but arrange business dealings with her. They agree the combine their shipping interests – their ship, the Caravaggio, and her ships, the Lachesis and Atropos will work closely together. An uncomfortable truce is called and plans are laid to back Lucinde for the Ventrue Primogen seat over Hawthorne.

- Mister Schatin meets with Evelyn and Julian upon their return. They arrange for him to scour Hawthorne’s resources to find a weak point they can politically exploit to discredit Bariss. Mister Schatin departs on this business.

- Afterward, Julian and Evelyn visit the Kesches, the elderly mortal couple that took over Jean-Pierre’s business. They ensure that everything is appropriately managed and rest easy with their new acquaintances. They leave a message with Broc to meet him at the Gabriel theater and meet with Lucinde. While waiting for Lucinde, Alexi makes yet another surprise appearance and taunts the two lovers’ resolve.

- When Lucinde arrives, she meets with Broc in the Gabriel’s green room. Julian and Evelyn excuse themselves and retire to the mansion. Mister Schatin returns and divulges his findings, and the three make plans to ambush the information drop used by Bariss and Hawthorne the next night.

- Julian, Evelyn and Schatin manage to get the upper hand on the ghouls sent to trade information on behalf of Bariss and Hawthorne. Evelyn uses her seduction and pickpocketing skills to exploit the situation, while Mister Schatin forges a note on scene that is slipped in place of the intended information. Upon returning home, they learn of a conspiracy to assassinate Broc between their two enemies. They also learn that the documents they seized were written in Latin, a language Mister Schatin does not understand – immediately showing the substituted note he’d written to be a forgery, once it met Hawthorne’s eyes. They race to Broc and report their evidence; Julian uses his psychic skills to show the results of his spirit’s touch readings, confirming their authenticity. Lucinde is granted the Venture Primogeniture, while Schatin takes a position as a Nosferatu Primogen in recognition for outing the conspiracy. Lord Hawthorne is blood hunted and Bariss exiled.

1870 AD

Julian’s manservant, Charles, is reported to be mourning at the graveside of Abigail, the servant Julian had accidentally driven mad by a botched use of his nascent telepathic power. Charles voices discontent with the world as he knows it and a mounting frustration with his position in the great scheme of things. Julian and Evelyn give him a week off.

Mister Schatin informs the two Toreador of a Nod fragment in town. Found by three intrepid archaeologists, their plan is to auction it off to help pay for the expedition expenses (not knowing what it was they truly had). Evelyn and Julian purchase it before the auction at great cost, but also arrange further business dealings when one of the men remembers Evelyn from her times at the confectionary. Mister Schatin, who has spent the last five years obsessing over vampire and Noddist lore, eagerly translates the fragment and discovers it to be the section “The Coming of Lillith.” (Pages 26 and 27 in the Book of Nod).

Crescendo, Alexi’s right hand, meets Julian and Evelyn and takes them to the harbor. They board “The Singing Ghost,” Alexi’s ship, and there debate the fate of Evelyn’s long time companion, Madame Dubois. Dubois’ mind has shattered under the Embrace and over the years she has only ever gotten worse. Rather than destroyed the failed vampire outright, which Alexi prefers to do otherwise, he brought her to Evelyn for her fate to be decided. Evelyn carefully considers her options, where Alexi and Julian debate the state of Dubois’ soul if she is destroyed. Evelyn elects to commit diablerie, losing a fragment of her own humanity but drinking Dubois forever into herself. She cures her infertile vitae and raises a generation, but she shuns Julian’s touch for the rest of the evening.

The following evening, Evelyn is still swooning from her diablerie. A music box is found in the study, playing a song Evelyn practiced on the piano alongside her brother when they were young; reading the energy of the music box confirms the memory. Julian telepathically contacts Mister Schatin and asks if he’s been in the house. Instead, Mister Schatin reports that he is investigating the brutal murder of two men in the hotel Julian and Evelyn visited the night before – two of the men that sold them the Nod Fragment. Upon visiting the hotel room again, they search for clues but find nothing but a silver locket containing a picture of Evelyn. Following the mental images from this, they end up in a morgue at the waterfront, where they meet Thomas Shaw, Evelyn’s sister – now a dispassionateTzimisce. He warns them of an impending Sabbat assault on New Orleans and tries to talk them into joining the Sabbat themselves. After a long conversation, he departs suddenly; Julian, Evelyn and Mister Schatin are left hotly debating the events of the night and the future of their nights to come.

The following evening, Julian and Evelyn discover the wandering Kindred archeologist, Beckett, inside their mansion and studying their new manuscript. Beckett reveals it to be “the Coming of Lillith,” a fragment of the Book of Nod, but when he’s already studied from other sources. He tells them that the Sabbat (whom he knows draws close to open war in New Orleans) would find that manuscript invaluable. Julian is put off by Beckett’s casual disregard of locked doors, but Evelyn thanks him for his time.

Meanwhile, a courier arrives at the house bearing a letter from Prince Broc. Broc politely informs them that Ophelia has come to his attention and that he has elected to safeguard her from harm in the impending Sabbat strike. Julian and Evelyn read between the lines and realize that she has been seized and being held hostage by Broc. Broc, who knows the pedigree of their bloodline, is not taking chances with their loyalties with the Sabbat near.

Mister Schatin speculates alongside Julian and Evelyn on the plausibility of the event. Julian and Evelyn stage a meeting with Broc in hopes of learning enough to free Ophelia, but Broc is suddenly noncompliant, believing the infamous de Moreauva bloodline to be a standing threat. Julian telepathically extracts Ophelia’s fate from Broc’s mind: She was seized five years ago, interrogated through torture, and disposed of as a security risk. Broc, fearing for his unlife and his seat of power, rationalizes it as “for the security of the city.” This sets off a battle between the two small factions meeting in Lafayette Cemetery, leading to the destruction of the Prince’s brood and the diablerie of the Prince at the hands of Julian.

Thomas brings Bariss to Evelyn in the aftermath as a gift, and the two de Moreauvas officially join the Sabbat. They take turns torturing Bariss for his crimes against their brood before Evelyn personally diablerizes him. The following evening, their creation rites are performed. They spend the night performing the Fire Dance as New Orleans is overrun by Sabbat.

1873 AD

Alexi is telepathically contacted by a Salubri priest who has been observing his quest for Golconda from afar. He invites Alexi to begin the long and painful rite of Suspire, the dream dance that may achieve Golconda. Alexi begins the long, difficult rite in Germany.

1889 AD

Antoinette and Marcus move to England.

1900 AD

Alexi fails the Suspire. It’s revealed that part of him has always reveled in the power of a vampire, and drunk on such endowments, he had no capacity for Golconda. The rite had thinned Alexi’s blood by multiple generations before it failed, leaving him a weaker vampire than before. Broken by his failure, Alexi sinks into torpor in Berlin.

  • 1914 AD

Horrified by the escalating situation in Europe, Antoinette and her brood flee to the New World once more. They relocate to the new city of Phoenix and immerse themselves in the city’s development.

1922 AD

Antoinette suffers nightmares about Phillipe in the shadow of the First World War. She begins covert attempts to locate him.

1938 AD

Ohlm Ilmahn-tehp, the Mummy who had helped the Toreador circle centuries ago and who had called upon that favor in the fifteen hundreds, makes another appearance in the
vampire’s unlives. Cashing in on his old debt again, he convinces the circle to relocate to Europe and be a constructive part of his anti-Nazi network. Having glimpsed the world of the future through his precognitive magics, he sets them against Hitler’s minions in an attempt to forestall the coming apocalypse. Gabriel and Antoinette make a secret trip into the heart of Berlin to re-awaken Alexi against his will (who finds the new era…exciting and refreshing…)

- Antoinette’s husband, Marcus, is slain by a mysterious Assamite. She goes
into mourning as the vampires move to evacuate an Arcanum chapter house to keep
its knowledge from Hitler – all the while trying not to break the Masquerade.

- In a greedy rush to claim a mystical artifact, the vampires make their way to
a concentration camp called “Velkav.” The vampires destroy a small Sabbat pack
using the camp as a feeding ground and flee with the item to America, where
they establish an underground railroad to help refugees to freedom, fulfilling the terms o the mummy’s requests. The circle is haunted by the horror they’ve witnessed.

1947 AD

Having returned home from Europe and sated the Mummy’s debt, Antoinette is attacked in her haven by the Assamite who killed her husband. The Assamite starts a fire, but Antoinette kills him. The wounds force her into another Torpor.

1957 AD

- Greaser street racer Ricky and his main squeeze, Peggy Sue, are Embraced by John Culver of the Brujah Clan following Ricky’s victory in an underground cage fighting circuit. His intent: To begin an overthrow of the Ventrue prince ruling the city of Chicago for the forced destruction of his original childer.

- Peggy Sue and Ricky are taken into instruction by the Nosferatu, Lord Chamberlain Garth. Garth makes them creep into a mortal home and feed on the sleeping children, one of whom is killed when Peggy Sue frenzies. The family is revealed to belong to Garth’s ghoul, who is so enslaved by the blood bond he refuses to grieve for the lost child.

- Ricky and Peggy Sue are shown about Elysium by Lord Chamberlain Garth later on, witnessed the execution of a neonate merely suspected of breaking the Masquerade to attempt embracing his true love. Both the neonate and his mortal lover are slain.

- Ricky and Peggy Sue’s sire orders them to subvert local organized crime rings to increase his personal influence and create a coin of political trade with the local anarchs. Peggy Sue successfully subverts the local Mafia contacts, and the two meet John Culver’s secret accomplice – the Malkavian prophetess, Mother Porcelin. They give Mother Porcelin a porcelain doll for her creepy collection and she agrees to assist them with their cause.

- While Ricky and Peggy Sue infiltrate a cargo ship on the waterfront carrying secret goods that John Culver wants seized, Ricky’s mortal friend, Jeffery, is killed. They don’t leave empty handed, however, having procured a wooden box coveted by the Prince. John Culver takes the box without revealing the contents.

- Ricky and Peggy Sue are approached by a Sabbat contact while disposing of bodies from their latest errand. The Sabbat informant upsells the cause of the Sabbat in an attempt to recruit them.

- Upon returning to their Sire’s haven, they find it in flames, with masked hitmen fleeing the scene. Ricky and Peggy Sue kill them, but in the process they risk the Masquerade. Rescuing the mysterious wooden box from the hands of one of the assassins, they flee Chicago in an attempt to locate the Sabbat in a nearby suburb holdout.

- Peggy Sue and Ricky learn that Mother Porcelin was a Sabbat plant all along, manipulating events in the Camarilla domain. They learn the assassins were stooges of the Camarilla prince. The Tzimisce Bishop, Lord Romanov, welcomes them under his tutelage and begins their conversion into true Sabbat.

- While under Bishop Romanov’s instruction, a former childe of Romanov strikes at his Sire by guiding his pack against Ricky and Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue’s family is fused into a Szlachta; Peggy Sue is forced to kill it to bring them peace, forfeiting her humanity as well. Peggy Sue and Ricky combine their efforts to subvert the prostitute herd/allies used by one of the rival’s pack mates as they slay the entire offending brood.

- With the trial by fire complete and their humanity broken, Ricky embraces the Path of Caine and Peggy Sue takes up the Path of Power and the Inner Voice. Their in-depth instruction as True Sabbat begins.

1975 AD

Charles Ashe moves to Phoenix and becomes a recluse, largely removed from Camarilla politics. He resides in Antoinette’s domain.

1980 AD

Antoinette rises and looks for ways to acquaint herself with the new era. She reconnects with Charles, who tutors her in the advancements made in the new age.

March, 1988 AD

- Prince Adelaine Maraine is murdered destroyed by twin Brujah vampires. The
vampires in question take control of Phoenix’s assets and expect to rule through their unchallenged praxis seizure. (npc)

- The Twin Rule is cast down by a Ventrue Justicar, who has the two Brujah
tortured and executed. Nominations for a replacement prince are held but it’s clear the Justicar is eyeing a member of his own clan. (npc)

April, 1988 AD

- Lucite Bridges of Clan Ventrue is nominated Prince by the Justicar when no consensus can be reached. The Brujah predictably see this as favoritism and the Anarch ranks swell with new recruits. A cold war between the Camarilla and the local Anarch front begins in earnest. (npc)

February, 1989

The Ventrue Justicar is unveiled as an imposter. A witch hunt sweeps the
Camarilla, and many vampires are destroyed for suspected allegiance to the
fake. Prince Bridges is one such casualty. A local wake turns into a bloodbath
from a spontaneous Black Spiral Dancer attack that leaves most of the city’s
Kindred dead, leaving a group of neonates alive by a mere thread. A newcomer
named Judas saves their unlives and claims a life boon from the survivors – and
names himself Prince as result.

May, 1989

- Prince Judas commits hideous acts of violence against local churches and their following.
Alarmed humanist Kindred rail against these acts openly. Judas declares them outlaws
and puts them under a Blood Hunt.

- The now anarch neonate cell receives unsolicited aid from a Son of Ether
mage, Matrix, who protects them from Judas’ forces while working towards his
own ends.

June, 1989

Having accomplished an unstated end, Judas steps down from the Princehood under
the pretext that he may name his successor unchallenged. An Archon ratifies the
agreement in mediation with the non-outlawed Kindred remaining. Judas named the
Anarchs of Phoenix as the new ruling force of Phoenix and promptly disappears into the
chaos that follows.

- Violent Anarch activity sweeps the city as the Camarilla goes on the defensive. An influx of Los Angeles anarchists, secretly herded into Phoenix through underground channels organized by Judas, turn Phoenix into an urban warzone. In the confusion, Judas slays several mages and werewolves by pitting them against each other through clever manipulations, all to cover his own secret, twisted agenda.

July, 1989

- The remaining Camarilla Kindred of the city feud bitterly with the anarchs
for control over Phoenix, making slow gains against the mostly disorganized anarchs. While the war rages, werewolves and mages battle each other in a war of
misunderstandings. With all parties distracted, Judas uses his unknown talents
to harvest the souls of the faithful for his ultimate plan. During this phase of his plan,
however, he begins to have odd flashbacks.

  • August, 1989*

Lady Julia, Toreador owner of the Orpheum theater and one of the last surviving elders,, convenes a meeting of the surviving Kindred to discuss their losing battle for dominance. Judas makes a surprise appearance, his mind apparently in total chaos (or more than usual, anyway). He tells them of strange flashbacks the betray the history he believed was his. In a screaming fit of dementia, he begs to be killed. The vampires destroy him as
he requests, not needing much incentive as it stands.

- the Mummy, Olm Ilmahn-tehp, appears with friends Charles Ashe and Antoinette,
who have also been battling anarch control with their pooled resources. Charles
and Antoinette tell the gathered vampires that there are actually countless
Judas vampires to contend with. A twisted Malkavian Methuselah Embraces the faithful
churchgoers he comes across, tortures them and uses his disciplines to destroy
their minds, then refashions them – physically and mentally – into countless
replicas of himself in keeping with warped interpretations of biblical verse:
“Be fruitful and multiply,” “The meek shall inherit the Earth,” “My name is
Legion for we are Many,” “God created Man in his own image.”

- The elders and their extended brood continue to fight the Judas onslaught,
unraveling the full depth of the Judas conspiracy. It is further learned that
the Unheavenly Father – the primary Judas elder – is attempting to destroy all
of creation and usurp God’s place in the Heavens for himself. There are whispers that he has even spent centuries consolidating a following of Heretics in the Shadowlands, creating an army of the living and the dead alike to make this unholy war.

January, 1990

- A pact with local Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer Garou is reluctantly formed. A
link between the original Prince Judas and the Black Spiral Dancers is discovered, promising him werewolf support in exchange for coordinated assaults on known Garou Caerns in the area. It is revealed that the attack at the wake was staged by Judas, who
betrayed his Black Spiral allies.

- A renegade Judas with renewed memories of his former self (named Christian) allies
with a group of mages to track down and destroy the Unheavenly Father. Attempts to fnd this “Master Judas” begin in earnest while great effort is spent preserving the fracturing Masquerade.

February, May 1990

The rare, three way faction of Mage, Garou and Vampire alike methodically guts
the Anarch power base and cuts Judas’ areas of influence. With each victory, they
discover clues to the Unheavenly Father’s location. Learning that he had a
mystically created haven in the swamps specializing in kindred/human slave
trading, they attack.

June, 1990

- The surgical strike is launched. Authority from two Justicars grants the strike
force autonomy as they gather in New Orleans and attack en masse. Heavy casualties hit both sides. A phosphorous grenade goes off inside the Unheavenly Father’s ribcage,
killing him. But just why was he laughing when he died?

- In Phoenix, the three way partnership of vampire, mage and werewolf becomes an official pact of nonaggression. The Garou immediately seek a release to the pact to finish off the lingering vampires but face political opponents in their own ranks – Shadow Lords waiting for the perfect moment to increase their own power in the proper strike.

- Kaylena Segovia becomes the new Prince of Phoenix and consolidates her
Position quickly. The anarchs are routed.

Part Seven: Blood and Circuses

October 1990

- The Follower of Set Okala brings a corrupt circus to Phoenix. She seeks to open a portal into the Dark Umbra using ley lines that converge at a specific geological point creating a local nexus.

A small group of vampires confronts Okala. She and her circus are destroyed completely. This brings a warning from the Camarilla: The Masquerade WILL be enforced, over as many dead Kindred as need be.

March, 1991

A Sabbat pack infiltrates the city under the guidance of a Toreador Antitribu
Pack Priest calling himself “The Burning One.” They begin to undercut Camarilla support in the region.

June, 1991

The Toreador Antitribu and his flock are destroyed. It is learned the pack was
a forward scout for an impending invasion.

September 1991

Matrix’s insanity is revealed. He demonstrates his plans for world domination
and “social reforms.” While distracted by a mysterious Euthanatos rival, a pack
of vampires destroys Matrix’s life work; a sentient machine. Matrix kills
himself in despair and destroys his body at the same time.

December, 1991

A strange nercomancer of unknown lineage appears, attempting to take Shadowland
resources in Phoenix under his control. He revealed that Judas was amassing an army of restless souls to compliment his budding cult followers in the living world. The necromancer is destroyed by a Giovanni envoy.

- An anonymous group of mages thwarts the efforts of Euthanic Barabbi, Talon
Chung. Both sides are exterminated by a Technocratic hit squad.

December, 1994

The Mummy Savarash Kholm, also known as Olm Ilmahn-tehp, enters his death cycle
through natural depletion of Ba energy. He is taken to Amenti by the Ferryman
Anubis, but is imprisoned there under orders from Horus himself. The Mummy stands trial with his own people for having allied with vampires at all.

February, 1995

- An Assamite kills the Prince, Kaylena Segovia, as well as the bloated and
hideous Nosferatu, Gut. The Camarilla installs a famed Ventrue, Sandoval
Vaughn, known to be Durghess Vaughn’s last surviving childer as Prince.

- The roaming soul of the Unheavenly Father reincarnates into a Judas
subordinate, the last remaining servant he had. It is finally revealed that his
death was planned, so he might resurrect himself in parody of Christ’s miracle,
signaling the last battle against Heaven.

- Aaron the Toreador, veteran of many past Phoenix
conflicts, returns from his world travel. His forbidden relations with the
werewolf “Red Riding Hood” is cut short when Red’s daughter, Erin, is kidnapped . Aaron is killed by an old rival, leading Red Riding Hood to perform the Rite of the Winter Wolf – ritual garou suicide. Their daughter is never found.

February, 1996

Lady Brigit of Clan Tremere claims the Tremere Primogen seat and claims Blood Mountain as her domain.
Part Eight: Wars of Clan and Claw

April, 1996

The Shadow Lord werewolves, finally content with the local clime, authorizes a breach of the three way treaty to mop up the remaining vampires in Phoenix. War with the lupines occurs.

- An occult scholar of the Tremere believes a Judas was responsible for

- Lady Brigit, having defeated a conspiracy in her own ranks, mysteriously
vanishes in Sedona.

June, 1996

A cabal of mages hunts down the Unheavenly Father for the last time. Their
vision quest takes them to the Holy Land, where they visit the scene of Christ’s death. They even relive the scene through a powerful dream sequence. They find one of the nails used to fix him to the cross, and deliver it back to America. They fight with the Unheavenly Father one last time and drive the nail into his chest, annihilating
him, his soul, and the bodies and souls of all those who shared his blood in on flash of faith-energy. At long last, the Judas issue is forever closed.

December, 1996

Ray Hammond, noted financier in Phoenix – who is also Amon-Ra, among the most
powerful of the Reborn – awakens from his death cycle and begins to use his
magic against the Tremere. It is known that he is a rival of Olm Ilmahn-Tehp charged with “cleaning up the mess left in his wake.” This points the powers of a mummy directly at the vampires of Phoenix.

-The Tremere reorganize their ranks in preperation of a new ruling lord.

January, 1997

Lady Donovan enters the city and becomes the new chantry head of the Tremere.
Under her leadership, the Tremere fight back against the mummy Amon-Ra’s
attacks. She also looks into plundering Sedona for its supposed mystical energy.

- Alexi de Moreauva suddenly appears in the city with an Brood of Daughters
of Cacophony. He allies the Tremere and attempts to win Toreador support.

- Gideon Cartier enters the city, having learned from Alexi that a childer of
Vaughn’s rules here. Gideon sets upon antagonizing the last living link to his
ancient enemy.

February, 1997

- The Angels of Sedona are discovered. An old Celestial Chorus mage created them
as her last legacy, reforming several criminals and giving them actual wings to
work miracles in her name when she was gone. They posses flight, faith and
hedge magics based on church practice. They also sit on a large node. One of
their number, the thirteenth (named Aloceth) Falls from Grace and becomes evil.

- Gideon Cartier liberates the Nosferatu of Phoenix from an advanced Sabbat
attack party. It is discovered a pack of Sabbat Daughters of Cacophony is
hunting the non-Sabbat Daughters into extinction.

- The Tremere manipulate events for the werewolves to destroy themselves in a
tribal civil war.

- The Tremere destroy Amon-Ra and take his severed head as a trophy.

March, 1997

Lady Donovan leads an assault against Sedona Garou and takes the land for
herself. Her brood of warlocks finds the hidden chapel of the Angels of Sedona,
destroying it and all of their number. Aloceth, however, remains
totally unaccounted for…

- Gideon confronts and kills Prince Vaughn after a long, terrible duel, exposing the vampire to be a fake. As it was never common knowledge that Gideon had outright slain Vaughn, the imposter looked to manipulate the legend to his advantage – not realizing that Gideon himself still existed. Gideon’s vengeance is final.

- Charles Ashe forms the new nightclub, the Verona, in downtown Phoenix.

- Her work complete, Lady Donovan requests a transfer from the Phoenix Chantry
to a new trouble spot.

May, 1997

Popular death metal band “Goth Vader” forms and begins to tour under the newly
formed Apocrypha Records label.

June, 1997

- Many suicides are linked to Goth Vader, but no formal legal action is possible. Goth Vader CDs begin to sell quickly as church groups go into an uproar.

- Malkavians begin to “develop” Dementation, causing paranoia to run rampant in
Sabbat and Camarilla alike.

October, 1997

- Alexi de Moreauva commits suicide by forcing Charles to diabolize him. The
Daughters of Cacophony destroy the Verona and Charles’ mansion, taking he and his mortal lover Lisa hostage. They flee to Blood Cove. Due to Charles’ intense guilt and the nature of the diablerie, a split personality forms in Charles’ mind in the form of the late Alexi – complete with acidic personality.

-The Daughters attempt to reawaken Alexi fully, while Lisa attempts to keep Charles’ sanity intact in a social tug of war. Lisa is slain by Charles’ Alexi side, prompting the two psyches to sink into a brutal mental battle for control. Charles sinks into torpor, where the two personalities war with each other for dominance – and slowly begin to fuse into Something New. The daughters seal Charles in a hand carved, airtight marble coffin and lower him into the waters inside the caverns of Blood Cove until he can emerge again, keeping him secret and safe.

- The Tremere mobilize to investigate Charles’ disappearance and Alexi’s death. Diablerie is confirmed by Tremere forensic experts, but they are unable to locate any other significant clues.

- Phillipe and Antoinette receive word of Alexi’s death during a meeting at a Paris café. They agree to travel together for some time yet, suspecting a mutual threat in the shadows. Phillipe travels under an assumed identity.

November, 1997

- Tremere investigations at ASU turn up the notes of a rogue Technocratic Mage.
The Progenitor convention sorcerer’s notes detail a complex pattern clone with
enhanced chromosone development and near perfect geneology.

- Toreador investigation via Phillipe and Antoinette turns up a link between
the rogue Technocrat and a powerful Giovanni named Giancarlo.

- Cacophony Records is destroyed by an unknown force. Several Daughters of
Cacophony are killed. Domestic terrorism is blamed.

- Giancarlo is shown to be controlling the rogue Progenitor through a blood
bond. Under Giancarlo’s whim, the Progenitor created a pattern clone that
escaped their control. A potent virus called “Polixenes-12” is also compromised
when research is stolen from the key lab. The Progenitor is killed and his soul

- Antoinette DeMoreauva seizes Praxis in Phoenix from the argumentative Primogen
who have ruled it since Prince Vaughn’s death.

- The Tremere Chantry is destroyed by a Giovanni surgical strike.

- Goth Vader is found to be under subordinate contract to Pentex, which
corrupts specific shipments of their CDs with bane spirits called Psychomachiae
to warp listeners minds through suggestion. It is learned that the freakish
band members are actually Fomori that were contracted out to Giancarlo through
Pentex board member, Enzo Giovanni. Pentex receives the advanced research for
an improved Polixenes-12 virus in return.

- A pack of Tremere vampires, with Antoinette and Phillipe, launch a combined
attack on Goth Vader when it comes to play in Phoenix for a “Halloween Holocaust” concert. The band is destroyed. Local garou begin a campaign to destroy the corrupted CDs wherever their spiritual powers can locate them.

- The band’s destruction draws Giovanni attention to the two rogues
who banked their power on this doomed scam; Giancarlo and Enzo. Both are
destroyed and their souls enslaved. Apocrypha Records goes bankrupt and its Pentex
ties are cut. Remaining stock is purchased by Cacophony Records as it rebuilds its operation in Florida.

December, 1997

- Gideon Cartier meets the soul of Olm Ilmahn-tehp, who has been excommunicated
from the Shemsu-Heru (Horus’ mummy brood) for trucking with vampires. Broken
spirited and lonely, the mummy wanders into eternity’s multiple planes, perhaps never
to return.

- Phillipe is attacked and diabolized by Nicholas Bonovier in a secret murder.

September 1998

Brujah Primogen Dr. John Silas-Greene plots treachery against Prince
Antoinette. He attempts to cultivate anarch connections and political allies in order to forcibly seize Praxis. One of these is Nicholas Bonovier.

- Nicholas Bonovier and his band, Obsidian Circus, brings disrespect and a loud
anti-Camarilla voice against Antoinette’s rule.

- Phillipe’s ashes are taken to Blood Cove to rest alongside Alexi’s ashes in a
similar golden urn.

October, 1998

-Using it’s intricte network of contacts and influences, the Giovanni locate the secret hiding place of the Daughters – Blood Cove – and launch a punitivie attack. Blood Cove is destroyed and the mansion razed. The remaining Daughters scatter to the four winds, but they are unable to retrieve Charles’ sarcophogus. The Giovanni do not find him, leaving him in the waters as he dreams his nightmare dreams.

- The Assamites suddenly shrug off their ancient Tremere blood curse.

November, 1998

- Setites are rumored to be operating in the city en masse, but no one can confirm where or how. Manipulated mortal police ties eventually identify a nest of suspected Setites in the Phoenix slums.

- Antoinette roots out and destroys the Setite nest, halting traffic of a
potent red drug called “Bloodrush.” Casualties among the population addicted to the drug come to one hundred percent as the withdrawal kills them.

- A vampire hunter destroys four Kindred before disappearing, sending the city into a state of lockdown. The sheriff is unable to find the culprit.

- A group of powerful mummies retrieve Amon-Ra’s body from the Tremere clan’s
ruined Phoenix chantry and set about restoring him to life.

December, 1998

Pontifex Justin Diamond appoints a skeleton crew to the Tremere’s new Phoenix chantry while the Clan debates the value of the troubled city. A new regent for the chantry is

January 11, 1999

Nicholas Bonovier reveals his treachery to a devastated Antoinette and flees Phoenix. It is revealed that he has been Sabbat all along, destabilizing Antoinette’s rule.

January 20, 1999

Antoinette de Moreauva sets out for Paris, France after surrendering her Princehood in Phoenix. She sends word to two old friends, the passionate Brujah Katherine and the enigmatic Malkavian, Doctor Shwa, to meet her there.

January 23, 1999

The Sabbat attack the city in force, crushing it in its weakened state and putting it under Sabbat control. They actively frame Antoinette as a collaborator and use intelligence gathered from Nicholas to execute their attack. Nosferatu Lord Chamberlain Garth goes underground with the name “Slush” to organize a resistance.

January 25, 1999

- Gideon Cartier comes to Phoenix, AZ under the askance of a Nosferatu contact. He battles the Sabbat during a fire dance and rescues several mortals meant to be dinner. A mortal vampire hunter named Ramses ben Maimon assists him with a practiced hand. Gideon learns that Ramses is pursuing a Serpent of Light called “The Spider King” in a fit of revenge. Reminded of his own quest against Durghess Vaughn, Gideon mentors the hunter.

- Antoinette meets her friends, Katherine and Dr. Shwa, in Paris They discover a spy who fell out of favor with Nicholas Bonovier and question him thoroughly before turning him
over to Prince Villon. They journey to Scotland, where Nicholas has sent band member Kyle Hammer to assault a rustic dwelling.

January 26, 1999

- Gideon rescues Ramses from Sabbat revenge. Seeing much of himself in the passionate young man and seeing he was dying of AIDS, Gideon reluctantly Embraces him as his first and only childe. This completes Gideon’s acceptance of his vampiric nature, a conflict waged within him for centuries.

- Katherine reuintes with her old friend, Shaun McCrimmon and her own legendary
sire, Alaric. With Dr. Shwa and Antoinette in tow, she is brought the corpse of
Kyle Hammer, killed by Alaric and his men. Shwa experiments on the body, and
they find clues leading them to Berlin, Germany

January 27, 1999

- Gideon reunites with his childe after one night. They team up to hunt the
Spider King together. Their search takes them to a hidden lair, where Ramses
learns of his family tree.

- Antoinette, Doctor Shwa and Katherine arrive in Berlin and track Nicholas to a nightclub, where he has prepared an ambush. They easily evade it and pursue him
through the streets in a daring chase to the Berlin international airport. It is revealed
that Nicholas has what he believes is the True Vessel, a cistern of Cappadocious’ blood, which he intends to use to Embrace a mortal and then diabolize it for ultimate power. His plan is explained as a doomed idea from the start by the vampiric physician Doctor Shwa, just before Katherine and Antoinette finish him off and destroy the “True Vessel” in an airplane explosion. (Who knows if it really was the True Vessel at all?)

- The vampires work on curing Gabriel’s strange coma, which he has been in
since the death of his sire, Phillipe.

February 5, 1999

Doctor Shwa awakens to find himself in a secluded, underground labyrinth. The
vast underground complex, with its many Lovecraftian horrors and
Hellraiser-style occupants, is run by a group of nightmarish Tzimisce calling
themselves “The Clinition.” The Clinition is a small hidden sect of
Metamorphisists using its lair as an underground experimentation
compound to decipher the mysteries of the vampiric condition – and they want
input from Doctor Shwa. Shwa complies under threats of destruction and assists in
a vital experiment. He awakens two days later with no memory of the Clinition’s

January 2, 2000 – August 15, 2000

Gideon Cartier and his newly made childe, Ramses, launch a personal crusade against the Sabbat in Phoenix. Gideon is eventually tracked down and contacted by a Tremere bloodline known as the House of Silverblade, having descended from Gideon’s long dead old ally. They offer to assist Gideon in the conquest of Phoenix, but Gideon refuses them, telling them he has no intention of furthering vampire politics so much as wiping the stain of the Sabbat from the city. The two sides agree to non-aggression, however, permitting the Tremere to exploit the chaos caused by Gideon and Ramses to secure a foothold in the city. (npc)

August 16, 2000

The Sabbat cedes control of Phoenix to the Camarilla and falls back toward Tucson to shore up its defenses. Tucson, until now a Sabbat controlled staging base for crusades in the Southwest, falls under siege from the Camarilla. In Phoenix, Lord Chamberlain Garth (aka “Slush”) and his brood attempt to seize praxis in reward for their years operating behind enemy lines, but find their bid opposed by the Ventrue and the Tremere clans. Phoenix divides off into mini-Princehoods as the three sides vie for political control of the city. They agree to work together to thwart the Sabbat while addressing their own concerns on the side. (npc)

December 2004

- Through the month of December, the Tremere and Nosferatu operate on a clandestine level to thwart Ventrue power. A plot to lead the Inquisition toward the Sabbat occupants of the south backfires, however, causing the vampire community to go to ground and operate in extra tight secrecy while two large bands of Inquisitors roam the city. (npc)
- Rumors circulate that Gideon Cartier and his childe are in Mexico itself, attacking Sabbat power at its source. (npc)

February 2006

- A fresh conflict with the local Garou halves the city population. The source of the new war is unknown, but heavy losses are suffered on both sides. Neonates hastily embraced to form a bulwark between the paranoid elders and the Garou chafe at how bitterly they are used and form a new anarch movement in the wake of the conflict. (npc)

- Lord Chamberlain Garth is slain in the chaos of the war, leaving only the Tremere with a viable Princehood candidate. Ventrue Anabelle Windgate claims praxis uncontested by Camarilla rivals. (npc)

- Brujah Stanislav Warshawski, aka the Razorwire Prince, successfully parlays the minute anarch population in Phoenix to his whims and establishes himself as Baron of Phoenix. He offers a peaceful co-existence with Prince Windgate and the Camarilla territory. Prince Windgate accepts grudgingly, knowing a united front is more constructive in these desperate times than yet another enemy at the gates. (npc)

February 2006 – March 2010

- A slow growth period for the Camarilla in Phoenix begins. The Anarch-Camarilla alliance successfully repels two Sabbat Crusades, even while Prince Windgate desperately seeks a way to undercut the Anarchs’ reputation and political clout. The city once again stands as a strong, if divided, Camarilla domain. (npc)

March 25, 2010

- A local hospital goes into lockdown just after midnight. Nearby witnesses report blood curdling screams and blood splashing against the windows on each floor. Inside, a dark ritual has gone disastrously wrong, incinerating the practitioner and causing a necrotic shockwave to waken the dead in the hospital and set them ravenously upon the living. An hour later, two mortals awaken inside the ritual circle (near three dead bodies spent in the casting) and navigate their horrific environment in search of a way out. Meanwhile, the hospital is crawling with the starving dead as mortal authorities attempt to bypass the updated security systems to get inside…

- The following night, the newly embraced vampire pair is taken under the mentorship of Mister Schatin, a Nosferatu charged with their on-the-fly education while the vampire community scurries to conceal the hospital incident. The students prove apt at losing their humanity, dismaying their Nosferatu teacher, who goes on to show them the cost of breaking the Masquerade: the execution of two neonates merely suspected of doing so after gruelling torture. They meet Prince Anabell Windgate and once acknowledged, they set out to track down a lead from the hospital: Doctor Ethan Wells, PhD. Wells’ home is dark and trashed, with terrible secrets hidden in the backyward shed..

March 20, 2012

- Prince Anabelle summons the young Tremere and the Thin Blood to Elysium, where court is being held to discuss the division of the city between the Anarchs and the Camarilla. The Primogen elects to send the coterie (with the addition of the Prince’s childe, Selena) to run interference against the Barony while the Primogen calculates a more precise course of action.

- The Baron, Stanislav Warshawski, apprehends the three neonates as they try to infiltrate the Verona (his personal domain). He offers an olive branch to Prince Anabelle through them, agreeing to suspend hostilities if they instead focus their efforts against the increasing population of vampire hunters. Prince Anabelle, however, sees an opportunity to exploit the Anarchs and betray them at a later convenience instead, and offers her childe (and through her, the coterie) a substantial incentive to comply: Rule over the Barony’s territories in her name when the Anarchs all. The coterie remains undecided…

March 21, 2012

- Selena and Zack meet up at a Circle K parking lot to continue their work for the evening, but notice that their Tremere companion is nowhere to be seen. Before they can analyze the situation too deeply, they catch the attention of a vampire hunter lurking nearby.

- After a brutal showdown in a nearby parking lot (skirting the very edge of the Masquerade) they manage to escape. Mister Schatin waylays them in the interest of earning a boon from the Prince for protecting her childe. He steers them through the sewers toward a meeting with Mother Porcelin, during which an angry ghost child assaults them for carrying its long lost porcelin doll.

- Mother Porcelin grants some twisted insights once her prize is given, leaving Zack and Selena to make sense of the events at Selena’s haven.

- The Tremere find himself unable to wake up from his daily sleep. Instead, he is trapped in a hellish dreamscape in the form of a gothic, never ending hotel interior called the Vast. He does his best to evade the demonic occupants but his sire, Lord Runholdt, is pulled into the dream and destroyed before the Neonate Tremere can wake up.

- Prince Anabelle takes the loss of the Tremere primogen poorly. The Tremere Neonate does his best to downplay any suspected guilt aimed at his thin blooded companion, Zack. When the Nosferatu go silent, Prince Anabelle sends the coterie into the sewers to make contact. She tells them that with the scant few forces left to her in the city as of this evening, the Camarilla will abandon Phoenix the following night if contact with the Nosferatu is not immediately restored.

March 22, 2012

- The neonates enter the upper levels of the Nosferatu warrens, where they are again menaced by the ghost children.

- Along the way, they chance upon several alcoves of unknown use. One contains a mountain of children’s teeth. Something inside the teeth attacks them and managed to drive the three from the alcove without even coming out of hiding.

- At the end of a hall, the neonates find an alcove with the mummified body of a priest within, and a famous barbed meathook hanging from the cross he was nailed to. The Tremere confiscates the hook an immediately starts to feel an overwhelming evil buried within it.

- The neonates discover a staked Nosferatu in a processing chamber for the sewers. Calling himself Shitfinger, he describes how the Nosferatu locked down their warren and won’t be participating in city politics, as a result of a vampire hunter cabal slaying many of their number.

March 23, 2012

- During that night’s sleep, the Tremere once again finds himself within the Vast, but this time with Selena and Zack as well. After navigating the twisting logic of the nightmare realm, they find a memory impression of Judas himself. Judas tells them that he is just a shallow echo of the Judas that was, a collective nightmare taken sentient form from the nightmares of human and vampire alike; stained deep into the subconscious of the city by the evils he committed. This sinful reflection tells the Tremere that he is fated to be the door into the real world by which he and his Demon patron can be reborn, and the Hunger Codex pages are the key. He reveals that the neonates are each descended from a human who pacted with the Demon in prior times for power, consigning their succeeding generations into Hell in order to seize power for themselves. Only destroying this Demon can free the bounty of tormented souls it’s collected; the sum of which have been used to give the Vast a persisting form.

March 24, 2012

The neonates find themselves drifting away from the anarchs and listless until they run across a Tzimisce operating secretly in the city. The genial, wall mannered fiend gives them clues that point them toward Sedona, where mysterious happenings from the nineties have been recorded and where an entire pack of Sabbat investigators has simply disappeared. With the help of Mister Sleep, a dwarfish creature resembling a ventriloquist’s doll, the Tzimisce – Doctor Bromin Velkav – subtly works on luring the neonates into converting to the Sabbat.

April 2, 2012

- The neonate coterie goes missing. Their whereabouts are unknown.

- Mister Schatin disappears into the ranks of the Sabbat and continues to assist Doctor
Velkav in subverting the local Camarilla, destabilizing the Anarch power base.

April 10, 2012

- Former Prince Anabelle is executed by her sire, Lady Alice Romanov. Lady Romanov takes a foothold in Phoenix to continue exploiting the weakening Anarchs.

June 15, 2012

- Former Phoenix resident Charles Ashe-de Moreauva enters the city and asserts himself as a contender for the Princehood. Other Camarilla vampires quietly infiltrate Phoenix and wage a shadow war on the expanding Sabbat influence.

July 1, 2012

- Charles Ashe-DeMoreauva reaches an accord with Baron Stanislav Warshawski wherein Stanislav cedes territory to Charles in exchange for assistance against the Sabbat. Having secured territory, a power base, local Camarilla respect and support from the anarchs, Charles retakes the Verona nightclub and declares himself Prince. Lady Romanov withdraws her claim of Praxis while promising support to the Prince in a rousing Elysium speech that nobody seems to believe.

July 15, 2012

- Charles initiates a plan to create a cross-clan coterie to represent the city’s interests, while furthering his own schemes. This coterie is to take the form of a gothic industrial band that will start out small and expand its mundane and vampiric influence over time in the best interests of the city itself. The band is composed of the Brujah bodyguard and doorman Kitrye, the Daughter of Cacophony Rook, the Caitiff Nightcrawler, and the Toreador singer Mika. They audition a band and immediately find themselves drawn into the darkness of the city.

July 16, 2012

- Upon the discovery that one of their mortal bandmates is murdered, the band launches an investigation on the not so subtle word of the Prince. They discover a nightmarish nun creature wielding the Judas Hook and demonstrating the powers of Arachnis – a discipline known to have been used by the now extinct Judas bloodline.

July 17, 2012

- The band, titling itself “Oberon,” is introduced to Malkavian guitarist Zachary and plays its first gig at the Mason Jar. The band is an overwhelming success and local social media explodes with their name.

- Zachary bends to his Malkavian side and attempts to “acquire” a mortal pizza delivery girl for his experiments. This backfires when she escapes, screaming as she runs down her neighborhood street, screaming about Zachary’s murder of her boyfriend.

- Prince Ashe nearly sentences Zachary to death as a threat to the Masquerade but forestalls his doom for his own ends. As the event is still mostly secret from the Kindred community and with so much riding on the success of this cosmopolitan coterie, Ashe and Oberon manage to calm Zachary down. A sinister voice whispers in Zachary’s ear, however, promising certain types of assistance for his compliance in future matters….

July 18, 2012

- The aftermath of Zachary’s botched abduction are felt when the murdered boyfriend of his escaped prey gets up and walks out of a morgue. Following the clues, the band members of Oberon consult a Samedi named “the Hangman” in an old downtime cemetery and exchange boons for lore. He gives them a brief idea of Wraithly lore and explains that they have a Risen after them, specifically Zachary. While following up leads, Nightcrawler barely escapes a Society of Leopold trap set at the crime scene, while Kitrye and Zachary run afoul of the Risen at an asylum. In the desperate fight to follow, Kitrye draws the Judas hook and easily destroys the Risen, but deforms his soul in the process. Upon a lengthly debate as to what to do with the hook next, the hook is given to Reverend Hope Tandrin, Zachary’s sire.

July 18-25, 2012

- The coterie separates for a week to investigate their own projects, culminating in another musical gig that excels expectations.

- Kitrye begins work to get his own nightclub, Avernus, off the ground. He ghouls Tony Hartwood, general manager at a rival club, to take control of the day to day affairs.

- Nightcrawler receives a message to meet in an alleyway off of Buckeye. Upon responding, the Nosferatu Shitfinger – now going by Mister Bellicose as Nosferatu primogen – indicates a local and familial threat to the Prince that the coterie might want to investigate. Nightcrawler agrees to a major boon and the coterie adjourns to Avernus to discuss the issue.

- The coterie discusses the information obtained from Mister Bellicose in detail at the Avernus. With sharp pains in his gut erupting, the coterie takes Kitrye to the Hangman, who surgically extracts the Judas Hook from his guts. A phone call to Father Tandrin confirms that the hook has somehow vanished from his vault and into Kitrye’s innards.

- Tony calls Kitrye about pocket sized Bibles being distributed around the parking lot of Avernus. He reports that the distributors shot at him.

July 26, 2012

- Nightcrawler hatches a plan to sabotage a band being used by Antoinette as a front for her operations, but the plan goes awry when they are ambushed by a Werewolf that Antoinette goaded into a trap. Kitrye puts the Werewolf down with the Judas hook with concerted firepower from the rest of the coterie, who flee into the night.

- Charles summons the band members of Oberon to the Verona and scolds them for their foolishness in keeping secrets from him, and moving against a vampire of age and cunning like Antoinette without his counsel. He says he considered the issue of her antagonism a family matter up to then, but clues them in to Antoinette’s ultimate scheme; control of the Daughters of Cacophony, destruction of their default leader (Ashe himself) and claiming Rook as one of her pawns. He tells them Antoinette plans to use sound and thaumaturgy to enact a reversal of Caine’s curse.

- Nightcrawler uses her computer hacking skills to misdirect evidence about the werewolf ambush to instead pinpoint members of the band they had originally targeted, sending the police onto a false trail.

- Kitrye and Zachary attempt to recon the house where the Society had nearly ambushed Nightcrawler, to find themselves confronted by a team of Inquisitors. Zachary kills one and takes another prisoner, forcing it into becoming a ghoul.

- - Gideon Cartier returned from his excursions in Sabbat-held Mexico and agrees to teach Nightcrawler Protean, but very reluctantly. When he fails to be impressed with her, he claws her face before he leaves. Nightcrawler retains the wound as a permanent feature.

- A pack of Shadow Lord Werewolves surprised the coterie at Avernus. After a tense introduction, Nightcrawler gives the Alpha the evidence she hoaxed to put the werewolves off their chase of the band.

July 27, 2012 – August 4, 2012

- The band members of Oberon lay low for a week, waiting for the political climate to entice Antoinette into the open.

- The Week of Nightmares occurs as the Ravnos Antedeluvian awakens. The apocalyptic battle devastates Bangladesh and sends the younger Ravnos at each other’s throats. The Ravnos Antedeluvian is slain after a week of violence, the psychic shockwave of which drives psychics both living and undead near-insane.

- The economy dips worldwide with the tragedy in Bangladesh, dressed up by the mortal world to be a vast natural disaster. Suicide cults form around those driven to the brink by the psychic backlash of the event. Crime rates skyrocket.

- The Red Star, Anthelios, flares into being in the sky. Only supernatural creatures can see it. Presently, it’s somewhat faint, but obvious and ever present.

August 5, 2012

- Antoinette finally makes contact with the band, hoping to secure allies against Prince Ashe. Instead, she finds herself destroyed with humiliating ease by the well laid plans of the coterie. After more than five centuries, Antoinette De Moreauva has been destroyed.

- The band members of Oberon return to the Prince, where they find their status restored and increased for their actions against Antoinette.

- Zachary learns that the voice in his goading him to acts of extreme violence is actually the Judas shadow itself, which is holding his hallucinations of his late wife – Zachary’s only comfort – hostage until he complies. Instead, Zachary forces the Judas shadow out of his mind completely.

- The Judas shadow takes control of Kitrye’s ghoul, who managed to obtain the Judas hook when his master was away on business. With a new sympathetic connection to the hook, Judas poured himself into the mortal and attacked Kitrye, very nearly killing him. Kitrye outmaneuvers his ghoul, and Zachary kills him as a precaution.

- Oberon meets with the mysterious Curator, a collector of occult goods and secret mysteries. He instructs them further on the Judas hook and the demon that controls it, and points them toward Sedona – where entire groups of vampires have disappeared hunting for the Hunger Codex.

- Nightcrawler finds her hunting interrupted by a Tzimisce who clearly intended to feed the same way. Nightcrawler barely escapes with her life.

- August 6, 2012

- Oberon visits Sedona. There they find a creature claiming to be a fallen angel, who casually shows off the corpses of four violently slain werewolves to support his claim. He easily hands over the pages of the Hunger Codex, hidden in a small building where a mad Celestial Chorister once converted unwilling human beings into faux angels. Stunned by the ease of this acquisition (and the nature of their visitor), they hastily return to Phoenix.

- A gypsy street performer named Kaelin is violently Embraced by a vampire known as Talis, an older vampire in a deceptive young body who seeks to punish the impurities upon gypsy tradition he holds Kaelin responsible for violating. Jonathan the Tremere appears and takes Kaelin under his wing.

- August 7, 2012

- Oberon traces the remaining pages of the Hunger Codex to Mister Schatin, who has abandoned local politics and sequestered himself in the sewers of Phoenix. With Kitrye incapacitated by the re-emergence of the Judas Hook in his innards, the coterie meets up with Jonathan the Tremere, whose contact with the Judas Hook began this new cycle of demonic violence. Alongside a freshly embraced vampire named Kaelin, the coterie obtains the final pages from the darkness below and assembles the codex in the Avernus.

- With the codex complete, the demonic force behind its creation desperately tries to push its way into the material world. The Avernus is turned into a spiritual warzone, where ghostly apparitions of the Judas vampires possess coterie members in an attempt to make war inside their own ranks. The Judas shadows are defeated, and the patron demon of the Judas bloodline finally appears. Like the demon once destroyed by the De Moreauvas, it is weakened by being forced through a human frame and takes on finite dimensions, allowing the band members of Oberon to destroy the creature after a long, bloody battle. Two of their number, Nightcrawler and Zachary, are killed in the fight. Rook is traumatized by an unexplained spiritual encounter during the battle, which had the effect of aging her otherwise dead body fifteen years.

- August 8, 2012

- Recognizing that Oberon has sacrificed itself to end the last traces of the Judas threat to the world, Ashe formally disbands the band and sends Rook into seclusion. Needing to shore up the Camarilla ranks and prepare for incursions of Sabbat and Lupines in Phoenix, Ashe opens up the Tradition of the Embrace to the vampires of Phoenix.

- October 1, 2012

- A party is held by Prince Ashe at the Avernus, allowing for cage fighting, tortured prisoners and vintage blood tasting, all meant to celebrate the solidification of the city’s purpose. A new coterie is ordered into action by Prince Ashe, a cosmopolitan coterie consisting of a couple of Oberon’s survivors with some fresh blood. This coterie is charged with acting for the best interests in the city, and left to awkwardly get to know each other in the evening’s revels.

- The coterie decides to go to the Verona to investigate the Lillith fragment Ashe has been keeping for several months, leaving the party shortly after he does to meet him there. However, a band of Inquisitors ambushes Ashe before they arrive. The Elder manages to kill seven of his ten assailants and wound two more before being too weakened to fight back, and he is killed at the hands of an Inquisitor wielding a holy relic sword. The coterie killed the remainder of the attackers and secures one for questioning. Aris Thal of the Clan Tremere arrives on scene and declares himself Prince, and entreats the coterie to support his rule. They agree and follow what clues they find to a church in the Phoenix slums, where the remaining Inquisitors are hidden. While they kill these Inquisitors, they learn that they are tracking two of the remaining nails that pierced Christ on the cross during the crucifixion; Kitrye and Mika are badly burned in the attack.

- October 4, 2012

The coterie, having rested from its wounds, attempts to follow up clues found in their raid against the Inquisitorial cenaculum. They consult Reverend Tandrin, Mother Porcelin, and set out feelers for subtle information gathering, but presently find nothing. Additionally, a Ventrue named Maximillian Grant polls them on supporting Lady Romanov, the potent Ventrue elder who now sees her chance at the Princehood. The coterie is ambiguous about their support.

- October 5, 2012

While investigating what they hope is a solid lead from their attack on the Inquisition, the coterie is besieged by an angry ghost – and a Giovanni named Marco who offers to assist with that and other spectral problems in exchange for free operation in Phoenix, should the Camarilla loose control. Aris Thal, enraged at this duplicity, strips Kitrye of his Sheriff position. In the ensuing discussion about city politics, Gavin triggers a frenzy in Kitrye and is nearly killed. The coterie parts ways for a couple of days for everyone to cool off.

October 7, 2012

The coterie investigates the church battleground from their prior battleground and find it a burned out husk. They find precious few clues but track the escaped Inquisitor to a Motel 6 – where they find his body torn apart and a suspended note inviting them to a derelict courthouse downtown. They meet with a particularly ancient Ventrue named Belasarius – aka, Mister Bell – who entreats them to leave the city on a special operation to locate the remaining Dolorous Nails. He offers to fund and politically back the entire venture, though warns them that they would have to leave the city politics in the air to do so.

October 8, 2012

The coterie meets with Mister Bell to decline the offer. Mister Bell attacks them, but fends off the entire coterie single handedly. They flee the courthouse and meet up at the Avernus, while Bell begins the first step of his revenge: Mika’s prize ghoul is arrested by false police officers who almost succeed in leading the coterie into a lupine-infested trap. The coterie saves Stella, Mika’s ghoul, and flees the scene as a pack of werewolves arrive.

October 11, 2012

On a special request from Lloyd, the coterie makes a desperate run to Tucson, which is being overrun by the Sabbat. They are able to rescue only one vampire – the Roach Girl, a Nosferatu who was hiding out in a closed fast food restaurant. After thwarted a close pursuit, the coterie escapes.

October 14, 2012

- Realizing their backs are against the wall, the coterie has a long, intense night of political discussion ending with the formation of an Anarch Free State, with a Camarilla enclave in the west valley. Mika the Toreador is elected the Baron of the Free State.

- The coterie rallies to face the Sabbat threat head on and tracks a Tzimisce to a construction site on the edge of town. As the Tzimisce parlays, Kitrye attacks, triggering a full on brawl. A Vozhd attacks but is slain when Lloyd runs a burning tractor into the half-composed building. Trapped inside after chasing Kitrye, the Vozhd is destroyed. One propane tank explosion later, the coterie escapes.


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